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Love for Lisa, Supporting the Grant Family

Montgomery, AL


Hello Friends and Family of The Grants! My name is Jill Porter and I will be trying my best to organize this so we can all love and support the Grants in their time of need. As some of you know, Lisa was unexpectedly admitted into the hospital last Sunday, January 28th. Lisa then began a grueling week of battling her way back to us. As a result, she will be recovering for some time. She won’t be working, and will not be able to do most of the things she’s used to. That’s where we, her village, comes in. This meal train is designed to make it so that no one has to plan or make dinner. In addition to meals there gift card options available for purchase. Every little bit helps and every little bit is so appreciated. Thank you all in advance!

Special Notes

A quick little reminder, as much as Lisa is desperate to see everyone they are kindly asking for no visitors at this time. Let’s give them time to heal as a family.

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