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Love for Kazzy and family

Waterloo, NE


On October 24, 2016, Kazlynn Nichole Thompson (Kazzy) woke up a sassy and vibrant 8 year old little girl. Kazzy's life was filled with love and laughter until, October 24, 2016 she was put into a medically induced Coma with the high possibility of never waking up again. But, she did! If she could speak for herself today, here is what she would say. PLEASE SHARE Kazzy's STORY SPREAD AWARENESS.. your choices impact others. Hi my name is Kazlynn I am now 13 years old. I wasn't always like this, you see I was a fully functioning energetic, spunky little girl who loved playing with my sisters, getting my pictures taken by my aunt's, Diane and Brandy. I loved riding my bike, singing and dancing! I was just a normal kid who loved my life. I was just a normal everyday kid, until October 24, 2016 when someone's choice to drink and drive caused a car accident with my 2 sisters and myself. That day my life changed forever and now I live the remainder of my life like this. Instead of drinking sparkling apple juice and eating pizza on New year's Eve, I drink my nutrition from a feeding tube. Instead of riding my bike with my sissy's, I get pushed around in a wheel chair. Instead of sitting on my mommy's lap telling her about my dreams, she holds my hand by my hospital bed wishing I could talk again. I tell you my story for one reason and one reason only to teach, educate, and show you what could happen if you choose to drink and drive. Call someone, use your head. Because if you don't, a little girl just like me, could lose their life forever. Thank you for drinking responsibly. Love the Family of Kazlynn Thompson. On Tuesday, July 20th, Kazzy was admitted at Children's hospital with a high fever. Her amazing nurses at Ambassador, where she resides full-time, knew something was not right. After arriving at Children's, she was diagnosed with advanced pancreatitis and sepsis. We are so appreciative for the work Children's has done to try and heal Kazzy but, their efforts were not working. After a care meeting with Children's, the decision to end Kazzy's pain was made. A decision that was not easy and heartbreaking but, the best decision for Kazzy. Today we ask for your help with funeral expenses as well as gift cards for food options as Jessica and the family grieve the loss of Kazzy. She is currently on full life support and the decision has been made to let her go home to Jesus. All proceeds will go to remembering Kazzy's beautiful life. Any additional funds will be used for family related expenses, celebration of life events, etc. To learn more about Kazzy's story, click the link below. Our hearts are filled with sadness but the amount of support received thus far, is so appreciated and we are truly blessed by you.

Special Notes

For many reasons, there is not visitation available for anyone other than close family and friends approved by Kazzy's caseworker. We appreciate your understanding through this tough time. This page is set up by friends and supporters of Jessica Coffey and Kazzy's sisters.