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Meals for Nolens

Penn Valley, CA


Hello, as many of you know we lost a beautiful soul last week, Jim Nolen. Stephenie and the kids will be coming home and if you'd like to help, I am organizing meals and grocery drops for them to make the transition of coming home a tiny big easier. Hot meals are appreciated as well as meals that they can throw in the freezer and eat when they are ready so there isn't an overflow of leftovers. Breakfast and lunch items are also welcome. If you knock and there is no answer please leave it on the door step. They will be aware that people will be stopping by to drop things off. Please plan for meals for 6 people. You can text me, Camille, with any questions. My number is 916-224-9097

Special Notes

Please be sensitive to allergies and have these separate these foods for the other family members to still have and watch ingredients. James can not have nuts or sea food Autumn can not have Pumpkin Brooklin can not have veggies or fruits.

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