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Welcome Home Baby Ava!!


Hi friends & family!! Ava is home safe and sound with Mom and Dad!! Wooohooo! For those of you asking how you can help, Bridge & Gabe said food deliveries would be wonderful! They love any and all pasta, chicken, beef, or soups! They are most appreciative of any meals or snacks you send their way!! Or if you'd rather do a gift card from Doordash or a restaurant, they would love that too! Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, and Chilli's are some of their favs.

Special Notes

They'd prefer for the meals to be dropped off at the front porch, as Ava adjusts to being home! You can message them to let them know, and drop-off times that work well are from 4-7 PM. Their address is 300 Mulliken Road, Central, SC, 29630. We appreciate you!

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