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Support for Amy Cutrell

Maryland Heights, MO


Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer in February after a pathologist found a small DCIS tumor following a reduction surgery. It was pure luck and the prognosis is very good, but it’s one more thing added to the Cutrell’s plate. DCIS can grow in clusters so Amy will have to be scanned to search for more tumors before radiation treatment starts in an effort to prevent the tumor from growing back. Her biggest struggle right now is healing from the reduction surgery. Her incisions opened, and a skin graft may be necessary in order to heal the area. The area must be healed before radiation can begin. She is always tired, but she is even more fatigued due to her body trying to heal. Many of you offered your help, and Amy said they could use your help by making meals. Prayers are always appreciated too.

Special Notes

Gluten-free please. No mushrooms, no canned tomatoes, no tomato paste. Fresh tomatoes are okay. The family likes meals from McAllister's Deli, Casa Juarez, Panera/St. Louis Bread Company, Gioia's Deli, and Sauce on the Side.

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