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Heird-Brown Project

Richmond, VA


Woooo!!! Kara and Andy are having a lil bebe, so let’s bring ‘em all the good food! Sign up for a day to deliver somethin homemade or send them a gift card for some yum yum delivery delights!  If you plan to bring over food, please text one of the new parents the day of your delivery so that they can plan for your arrival with the goods. Depending on COVID protocols for new life forms, they may just ask for us to drop off ze foods rather than having people INSIDE the house. So, just know that they LOVE ~you~ and APPRECIATE ~you~ but may be wary of ~your~ germs. (It’s not personal! We’re all scared of everyone’s germs! And we gotta keep that bebe safe!!!)

Special Notes

They hate mushrooms and organ meats. They fuckin love olives. They have no allergies!! Types of Food: Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Big Ass Salads (seriously any “type” of food!) Specific recipes: Panzanella salad This beans and greens pasta recipe: Anything seasonal From Kara: "A big ass lasagna sounds good too! We’re seriously good with whateverrrr though. Seriously not picky at all." Restaurants? You know what they love! But here are a few: Cava, Mi Jalisco, Hot for Pizza, Cobra, Popeyes

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