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Meal train for Nikiah, Johnny and Baby Walker

Philadelphia, PA


We had a baby! Theia Rose Walker joined our family on 3/26. We’re absolutely smitten and totally absorbed in figuring out how to be parents. Thank you so much for feeding us so we can focus on her! ❤️

Special Notes

We like shellfish and salmon, but aren’t big fans of other seafood. Otherwise we like most food! Our favorite meals are those with a protein and lots of veggies, such as rice bowls, roasted chicken and veggies, stir fry, zucchini lasagna, or tasty salads with a good protein. For anyone in the Bryn Athyn area for whom it would be convenient, Nikiah’s father (Robin Childs) is available to pick up meals around 4:45 and deliver them to Nikiah and Johnny. Reach out if contact information is needed. If take out is a better option for you, our favorite local restaurants are Malelani Café, Cin Cin, Jyoti, El Limón, Mount Airy tap room, Campbell’s, and Iron Hill.

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