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For the love and support of Carol


Carol is my cousin, Carol would give up her shirt to anyone. Always willing to help. She worked hard all her life. Her life changed in December 2022, she was diagnosed with B Cell Leukemia. She lost her job, as she continued to fight this ugly disease. She went through 16 spinal chemo injections. Her cancer went into remission. Sept of 2023 she got covid, pneumonia and a colapse lung. Then she was diagnosed with a lymphatic leak. She was being treated for all, and suddenly went into septic shock bc of the picc line. Blood pressure went dwn to 40/72. They rushed her to ICU in Feb 2024. She has had 6 surgeries since Jan 2024, to find the lymphatic leak, which has been unsuccessful at this time. She was taken off her chemo pills when they were trying to locate the leak, unfortunately her cancer has peaked through again. Now she will undergo another 5 day chemo treatment and a possible stem cell transplant. She will be heading home soon but in 2 weeks she will be bck at the hospital to undergo her 5 day chemo. If you can help with anything, such as venmo (her account), gift cards, home visits, calls, cards, yarn (she loves to crochet). She is on 10 grams of fat per day. (fat free diet.) We are asking for daily prayers. Thank you all in advance.

Special Notes

Fat free diet. Loves Sprees candy, Harbio gummy bears,life savers, spearmint tic tacs, red hots, jolly ranchers, anything that's fat free.

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