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Valiant Vangie Advocates

Marseilles, IL


Vangie received difficult news in February that she has Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer that has spread to the bone, brain and lungs. Vangie is strong, but she cannot face this battle alone. She has been through several chemo treatments and knows that there is more in the future as she has been told that this cancer is treatable, but not curable. Of course, Vangie has Jim and Shaylen by her side every step in this journey. She worries about them as well and everything that they are going through. She stated that she will not let this diagnosis define her -- she is truly a warrior! As friends and family of Vangie, let's all pull together to support Vangie, Jim, and Shaylen. With the medical treatment and recovery after chemo, keeping a household running has to be a challenge. Vangie has shared that it would be nice to have a house cleaning 1-2 times per month as she is too weak to clean. And, we all know how medical bills can add up very quickly. Any financial support and words of encouragement that you can provide to the Quinn Family would be greatly appreciated. Vangie is such a thoughtful, kind and giving person. She has positively impacted the lives of many. Let's all pay it forward to the Quinn's and help alleviate some of their challenges.

Special Notes

To donate to this special cause, please use the "Go Fund Me" link within this page. Thank you!