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Surrounding Michelle, Mimi and Sissy Brenner with loads of love and support

Gig Harbor, WA


Grief is the last act of love we can give those we loved . Where there is grief, there was great love . Michelle and Craig’s love story was nothing short of pure love . Many memories of love , laughter and precious moments were shared between Michelle and Craig . I come to you friend and neighbors, with a heavy heart. I ask for you to join me in supporting Michelle, Mimi and Sissy as they mourn the loss of their sweet Craig . Help me provide peace , prayers and support in this extremely difficult time. For a Lady who leads her life by loving and giving to others , please help me give that to her . This page was created to make it easy for everyone who would like to bless them .

Special Notes

Normal daily functions can be difficult in a time of grief. It would be helpful if Michelle didn’t have to make meals or journey to the store at this time . If you’d like to provide a pre - made meal , a gift card to a local grocery store or restaurant this would be most helpful ( Albertsons, Costco, Target, Starbucks - these are all within walking distance for her ) Michelle enjoys chocolate cake , salads , chocolate, Charcuterie boards , chocolate , Keto friendly snacks , chocolate , soups , casseroles , chocolate, sandwiches, and her ultimate favorite Milano cookies and of course , to those who know her ; chocolate butter cream cake with pink frosting! Don’t feel like cooking? Feel like helping in another way ? Maybe all the makings for a relaxing bubble bath . Michelle enjoys long baths . Mimi and Sissy , the family pets enjoy assorted wet dog food , various dog treats , could use an occasional walk, doggie blankets, and they find hours of fun chewing small stuffed dog toys .

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