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Meals for the Marcums


8/2/21 Update: We've had an amazing response from folks wanting to assist with Meals for the Marcums. THANK YOU! As of today, the Marcums will gladly accept restaurant gift cards to assist the family. Once Chris is home from the hospital (hoping for this Thursday) Stacy will be able to pick up meals. SO, FEEL FREE TO send those gift cards. Original 7/29 Post: As most of you know, Chris is currently hospitalized with complications of his cancer and most recently, on dialysis because his kidneys are failing. We've reached out to Stacy about the family's needs and she indicated provision of meals would be the most helpful right now. Although Stacy works from home, she is constantly in and out of the home and busy throughout the day. After work she goes to the hospital to spend as much time with Chris as possible. As you can imagine, this is very tiring and doesn't leave much time or energy for providing healthy meals for Sebastian and herself. We've set up a meal train to provide dinner meals to the family 3 times/week through August. The meals are needed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Teenager Sebastian loves Italian so I'm requesting that Friday meals ONLY are Italian in nature. We'll re-evaluate their needs at the end of August and determine how we can be of most help to Chris and his family at that time. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ASSISTING CHRIS' FAMILY AT THIS DIFFICULT TIME. It is not easy for them to ask for help so Stacy acknowledging this need says a lot about their stress level at this time.

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