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For Bill Koenig Post Hospital Care

Stratford, CT


If you have not heard, dad (Bill Koenig) is in Bridgeport Hospital for a few more days recovering from a major medical scare. He just returned home from his Florida vacation on Sunday. He call 911 on Monday night/Tuesday morning because he could not catch his breath. This meal train is to support his post hospital care and to check in on him, make a small meal (to share with him or drop off). And make sure he’s doing ok physically, mentally and socially. This will mean the world to him. He is not in a happy place and needs all the love and support he can get! You can reach me (Kara his daughter) via call or text at 203-395-0701 if you have questions.

Special Notes

Dietary restrictions: low sodium, no sugar or sugar free. Drop off at his house anytime. If no one is around please leave it at the front door with your name/info and cooking instructions if needed.

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