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Hope For Single Moms. Transforming families. Creating brighter futures!

Grand Rapids, MI


Hope for Single Moms was as a result of a personal experience. Our founding director, Carla Ludwig, had a daughter who became a single mom after her freshman year of college. Being able to continue her college education changed her daughter's and granddaughter's lives. Hope for Single Moms now aspires to do that for other single mom families. We are empowering single moms to create brighter futures for their children!! But it only happens with the generosity of our donors and volunteers! When you partner with Hope for Single Moms, you help a woman go back to school to get a better-paying job. You remove the barriers she has to getting that career education and doubling her lifetime income!! You provide for the family's basic needs while she's in school thereby, removing the effects of poverty on the children. They, then, do better in school and have the hope of going to college or trade school themselves! Whether its by donating, volunteering, providing expert advice or services, you are helping build stronger, more stable families and a better West MI. Besides providing a meal or babysitting, you can volunteer as a mom mentor, (background check required, training provided), financial advisor, or directly with Hope for Single Moms. ( There are events you can attend, such as Fashion for a Future and our Mother's Day event helping our moms feel special on their day! Or have fun buying gifts. Join our back-to-school drive helping build confidence and success for children! Play Santa and help our families celebrate Christmas with gifts under the tree! Fighting poverty and childhood hunger in single mom families is complex. Addressing it is as variable as the circumstances that got these families there. However, we all need love and encouragement on life's journey. Join Hope for Single Moms and help a woman's dream of financial stability become a dream come true!

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