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Hope For Single Moms

Grand Rapids, MI


Hope for Single Moms is the only nonprofit in Michigan with the sole focus of removing the barriers single moms have to getting a career education. HSM uses a teach-a-woman-to-fish approach to financial stability and family unity. This incorporates career training, budgeting, parenting advice/classes, and family time. Rather than re-invent the wheel, Hope for Single Moms networks with area social services, colleges and trade programs, and other nonprofits serving low-income families. They then raise a family team of support, a Dream team, to help with the unmet needs. HSM believes a comprehensive approach is essential to building strong families. Each student parent has a mentor and a life assistance team. A mom mentor checks with her “mom” weekly and arranges time together, monthly. She also makes sure “her family” makes the time and has the resources for activities, meals together and to establish family traditions. The life assistance team, with the mentor, makes sure their “mom” and “children’s” birthdays are celebrated. The team also helps regarding any special need that arises, such as meals during school projects, midterms and finals. They may address transportation or childcare issues or refer them to the organization. Hope for Single Moms Dream team donations go to their family. The team is invited to celebrate their client’s graduation. HSM gives West Michigan the opportunity to help these families with a back-to-school drive, and Christmas gift and Easter basket drives. HSM also holds an annual fashion show fundraiser, Fashion for a Future. In addition to donations, it raises the community’s awareness of the single mom family struggle. Fighting poverty and childhood hunger in single mom families is complex. Addressing it is as variable as the circumstances that got these families there. Love and encouragement go a long way toward a single mom success story.

Special Notes

We are excited about celebrating single mom families at our Mommy & Me tea. Won't you help us get ready! Moms and kids will be getting swag bags. Click on our Amazon wishlist to purchase items for them. We also need help putting them together. Are you willing to do that? Send us a text and we'll get back to you with a date and time.

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