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Welcome home baby Millie

Medford , OR


Jennifer and Shoby welcomed home Baby Millie on April 29th!! Mommy and Daddy are so excited to have Millie home but also very tired and everyone knows the last thing you want to do is cook dinner when you have gotten 2 hours of sleep!!  Please sign up for whatever day you can. You can either bring a home cooked meal, order them dinner or purchase a gift card!! Thank you for helping this new family enjoy being home with Millie!! 

Special Notes

Don’t forget Shoby is allergic to nuts!!! And some of Jennifer and Shoby’s favorite foods are seafood, sushi, pizza and pasta. Some of there favorite restaurants are Clydes corner, The Grotto, cicilys, Bambu. But they are not very picky so anything would make them happy!!  You can go to the wishlist option as well and send gift cards to different restaurants in the area!! 

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