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Supporting Reed Grafke in his journey of healing.

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Reed Grafke is an amazing man of God who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in January of this year. After much prayer and enduring love from family and close friends, he underwent cancer surgery on Sunday, January 10th. During his recovery time, we would love to support Reed, Teri, and their visiting family with meals and practical help. Thank you in advance for your continued prayers, love, and support during Reed’s total healing. Special notes: Reed’s specific health issue at present requires him to avoid all fatty foods, spicy foods, and heavy foods. Organic, tender vegetables, pureed vegetables, soups, white fish, lean meat including beef & turkey are best. (no chicken please) The family can eat salad, but Reed is not allowed salad or any roughage at this time. No gift boxes needed just good homemade meals. God bless you 

Special Notes

Matthew 9:20-22 The Passion Translation 20 Suddenly, a woman came from behind Jesus and touched the tassel of his prayer shawl for healing.[a] She had been suffering from continual bleeding for twelve years, but had faith that Jesus could heal her. 21 For she kept saying to herself, “If I could only touch his prayer shawl[b] I would be healed.” 22 Just then Jesus turned around and looked at her and said, “My daughter, be encouraged. Your faith has healed you.”[c] And instantly she was healed!  

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