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Meal train for Mary Kaye, in honor of Denny

Corolla, NC


We sure lost a good one this week. So many of use have laughed, cried, gossiped, and maybe solved all the world's problems around the Umberger dinner table. Probably every house in Corolla has a piece of art that was made or framed by Denny Umberger. We'd like to help Mary Kaye and her family focus on the important stuff by taking meals off their to-do list. Please reach out if you have any questions. [email protected]

Special Notes

Please make sure there is a low-carb vegetarian option with every meal. (Think spaghetti squash, or roasted veggies, or stuffed peppers, or portabella mushrooms!) Of course, the non-vegetarians don't mind a non-veggie option or side dish.

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