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Help for Kayla and Chase after Baby

Meridian, ID


Kayla and Chase are welcoming Baby King here VERY shortly! ARRIVAL: If little guy hasn't made his way on his own timing, Kayla will be induced on May 9th. We are hoping to get meals brought in for 3-4 weeks every other day or as many as people sign up for, they all help. This will help with the post partum healing and allow Kayla and Chase to have this special time as a little new family without the worry of making food or buying a lot of groceries. This platform makes scheduling a time to take a meal in OR send one, easy and Kayla and Chase can see the calendar also. Click on the calendar and choose a day that works for you! It should be that simple. Money is going to be very tight for Chase and Kayla. Kayla doesn't have any maternity leave, so feel free to leave a little gift card or something extra if you feel inspired, it will help so much in allowing Kayla to be home longer after baby is here. Gift cards to Walmart and Amazon for necessities, will also be a huge blessing. They are going to be very cautious with visitors around new baby, so please read the below requests for visitors before you come. Thank you for helping make this a little less stressful for them. We're excited to meet little man!! Love, Grammy Layce

Special Notes

Special Requests from Visitors: • Please message Chase or Kayla before coming so they know when to expect you. • Please NO kissing baby from ANYONE except Chase and Kayla • Please don't come if you are sick • Please wash hands before holding baby • Please do NOT post pictures of baby on social media, this is an important one for both of them. They will post what they feel comfortable showing. • Please allow them time to rest and make visits short. 🤍 Kayla said they will be grateful for anything, but I asked them to be specific about some likes and dislikes. Kayla: (Likes) • Pasta Meals (spaghetti, lasagna, pasta salad, Italian sausage rigatoni, etc.) • Kellie’s Potato Soup w/ Rolls • Mom’s Seven Layer Dip w/ Chips • Mom’s Biscuits & Gravy!!!!!*** • Mom’s Crockpot Italian Chicken & Rice (w/ regular Italian dressing not Zesty) * Mexican (not spicy) Kayla: (Dislikes) • Spicy Foods * Lactose Intolerant (Use Almond Milk or Lactose Free Milk Instead) Chase: (Likes) • Pasta Meals (spaghetti, lasagna, pasta salad, Italian sausage rigatoni, etc) • Chicken & Rice w/ Veggies • Chicken/Beef Burritos • Breakfast Casserole • Stuffed Peppers Chase: (Dislikes) • Mushrooms * Sweet Potatoes

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