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Support Team Christine

Temecula, CA


As many of you know Christine Hart was diagnosed with multiple myeloma a cancer in her blood last September. She has been such a fighter this last year doing everything her doctors ordered. Christine underwent a stem cell transplant last December and was able to start taking part in a clinical study and things started to look better. Unfortunately she has hit a bump in the road and the cancer has come back and we’re afraid worse this time. Christine is preparing to fight this fight again and she needs all of our help. Jim Hart needs our help too, unfortunately this is happening during harvest season. While Christine is in and out of the hospital again Jim is trying to balance helping her and make delicious wine for Hart winery as well as Volcan Mountain winery. We have decided to start a meal train as a way to help Jim and Christine out. This will be one less thing they will have to worry about as Christine focuses on getting well. If you would like to help out by making a meal or donating a gift card for a meal to be delivered that would be great.

Special Notes

Meals can be dropped off at the winery between 11-3:00 Mon-Fri. or call the winery to schedule different drop off arrangements. As for Christine any cards and well wishes or cancer success stories are welcomed and will be delivered to her as much as possible.

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