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Supporting Gabriel, Teresa, and Christian

San Pedro, CA


During the first weekend of May, Teresa's and Christian's son, Gabriel suffered a medical emergency that landed him in the hospital in Critical Care. We're very happy to say that Gabriel has since regained consciousness and is stable, but has a period of recovery ahead of him. This is especially hard as Gabriel is an energetic, creative, and an outdoors-loving young man involved with school, Scouting, and athletics. All that combined with both parents being teachers coming up on end of term and dealing with their other students...needless to say this is a challenging and stressful time for everyone involved. A lot of their scout, school, and family friends have been asking "How can I help?" Here's how... I've been in contact with Teresa, and after discussing various options with the family, we're asking for meal donations during Gabriel's recovery. Doordash, GrubHub and UberEats gift card donations through this site will work best. Simply select the meal(s) you'd like to sponsor and click the link.* This assistance will help reduce their day-to-day stress by being able to have food delivered whenever and wherever they are supporting Gabriel's recovery. The family has asked everyone to please refrain from sending emails, texts, or phone calls for the moment while they deal with everything that's going on. Right now, they need calm, not distractions. They've asked that any questions be directed to me and I'll pass along any information as required. You can contact me at the information below. We'll be updating this page as more information becomes available. Thank you again for all your love and support of Gabriel, Teresa, and Christian. Jon Paulson Scoutmaster, Troop 658

Special Notes

*Providing the gift card donations is the best way to support these meal donations due to Gabriel's and Teresa's various food allergies/intolerances. Thank you.

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