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Help the Fox Family with Meals #FOXSTRONG

Land O Lakes, FL


Hello friends and family! Today is day #15 at the hospital for Mason. After several days of feeling great and no fever, he got rocked by 102.9 fever and full body aches yesterday. He’s scared and hurting. Swabs revealed rhinovirus is still knocking around inside him and we just found out that blood cultures revealed a fungal infection. This may be the culprit for the last two days of aches and pains. He’ll be put on a new medication that is effective for this, but his stay here at the hospital just lengthened by a couple weeks. His ANC will have to rebound to nearly 500 so that we can scan his sinus, lungs, liver, and spleen to see if the fungal infection has moved out of the blood and into the organs, which is likely. If so, his treatment simply gets longer. Doc said it could be months, but luckily the treatments will be at home and won’t affect his chemo/cancer roadmap. Just another obstacle to conquer. Thank you for all the love and support, as usual. It means a lot to us as we struggle day in, day out.

Special Notes

Meals would help out our family tremendously! We are very overwhelmed at the moment with the most recent news of Mason's illness and knowing the hospital stay just got much longer. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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