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Aggie Fund Practical Support

Toledo, OH


The Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund (better known as The Aggie Fund) was founded thirty years ago to support Toledo patients seeking abortion care. Working with our local clinics, we've been able to assist thousands of patients access the abortions they need! As abortion access across the country has become severely restricted, particularly after the fall of Roe, it became necessary for Aggie Fund to expand beyond Toledo and we now fund patients throughout all of Ohio's clinics, Michigan, and the surrounding areas! In the first three months of 2022, we gave out more funding than the previous three years combined. Beyond funding, the need for practical assistance has greatly increased. Patients are forced to travel farther and more often, which necessitates support in other areas like rides, gas cards, childcare assistance, food assistance, etc. The Aggie Fund is more than ready to meet this challenge because of the dedicated community that has supported us the last thirty years. Please help us meet patients wherever their needs are, and ensure that abortion is accessible for everyone regardless of finances!