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meal train for Hailey and Josh

Detroit, MI


The meal train for Hailey and Josh is set up to support them during a difficult road ahead. Many of you know of the fatal condition that their beautiful son, Jeronimo, was diagnosed with. This news about Jeronimo has devastated them, but they have persevered with strength, love, and the desire to give him the best life they can while he is here. They have shown the strength that the depths of love will allow. Hailey and Josh are so blessed with the love of their family and friends surrounding them and many have asked what they can do to help. They will need time to rest and take care of each other as they process and grieve. Providing meals each day following their return home from the hospital is one way to help them. I have set up a sign up for each day for a dinner for two. Gift cards are also a helpful gift to send to them. Thank you for loving Hailey and Josh and surrounding them with so much friendship, love, and support. It means the world to them.

Special Notes

The address for meal delivery is 4110 Commonwealth Detroit, Michigan 48208

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