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Love for Carlos


Carlos has been battling with acromegaly since 2018. It caused him to have severe heart failure & he needed to have an LVad operation to keep him alive while waiting for a heart transplant. In October of 2022 he was operated to remove a tumor from his pituitary gland. On 01/04/24 he was diagnosed with stage 1 colon cancer. On 03/04/24 he was operated and doctors discovered his cancer has spread and he has stage 4 liver cancer. He is currently recuperating from surgery and getting ready to start his next battle with this new cancer. A friend suggested I make this account for him for those that would like to help comfort him but don’t know how.

Special Notes

Cards and messages of faith and positivity are welcomed, not just for him but also for his 2 boys, Lucas age 9 and Isaiah age 5 🫶🏼💕