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Taylor, MI


Over the last couple months our family has been asking for thoughts and prayers for our mother. Although some people already know, or could have guessed, my mother's surgery that was February 2nd did not go well. For those that don’t know our mother, I’m sorry you are missing out. Linda was born and raised downriver by her hardworking parents. She grew up with 3 sisters and one brother. She was just 17 years old when she married our father who was an Allen Park resident. My parents working hard their entire life, yet having time to raise 8 successful children. Now she has 19 grandchildren and loves everyday surrounded by her kids, and grandkids. There is not a time our mother was not assisting with babysitting, providing parental advice, or just being that shoulder to cry on when someone needs to. She provides the best life advice out of anyone I know. Back to our story: Our mother went in for her gallbladder to be removed, as an ultrasound discovered gallstones, in which were causing our mother pain for just over a month. The original ultrasounds did not have concerns with anywhere else, just the gallbladder. About an hour into surgery, the surgeon came out to my sister, who was waiting, and told her news that no one, or no family, is ever prepared to hear. The surgery was aborted because the surgeon discovered multiple tumors. Tumors in which were spread on multiple organs. The surgeon told my sister, our mother has cancer, an advanced cancer. After weeks of waiting for confirmation, our mother was diagnosed with liver cancer by the original hospital. Almost a month later, we are still unaware of what stage, with only being told it is advanced. We at this time were still without answers as to what type of liver cancer, or a treatment plan. We discovered that surgery is not an option, as the cancer has spread outside of the liver. We continue to wait, as all of us wonder "why?" Why this amazing person who has raised eight successful children, a grandmother and an example to several grandchildren who continue to shine with her light. A person who would give her shirt off her back to make sure not only her family is cared for, but her friends as well. Come mid February we are seeing a doctor from Michigan Medicine who specializes in liver cancer, to find out she doesn’t have liver cancer. Yes, she has tumors in the liver, but it didn’t start there. The tumor marker tests have come back as unspecified cancer. Michigan medicine called in a specialist to run an advance test to pinpoint the source. After this attempt, we are still stuck with no answers. A couple weeks past, and were told that our mother is being transferred back to the unspecified cancer clinic. At which time, our mother is in extreme pain and sick, with no medicine or treatment in her future. Finally, after a month and a half, she has a pain management appointment to finally get some relief, and the. Followed by a consult with the specified oncologist. At which time, our mother is very weak and ill, and then told chemo wasn’t an option as her symptoms needed to be controlled. With the doctors in place now, we still fight for a treatment plan as more tests and scans add up. According to her oncologist, unspecified cancers are extremely rare and difficult to treat. Several tests are performed, and multiple scan conducted. It was stated her cancer cells lose their characteristics, which makes it difficult to pinpoint where it started. We are now a month and almost three weeks in, with knowledge that chemo is the only treatment. Our mother is strong, determined, and although the outcome is that it will never be cured, she wants to fight and life a quality life as long as possible, for her family. Tonight, we pray, and continue to pray for a treatment plan, for our mother to remain strong and ready to face this challenge head on. We pray that treatments will work and begin very soon. Many have asked what they could do to help. As of right now, continued prayers and thoughts for healing. We are still trying to figure everything out as a family, it is currently unknown as to what else is needed at this time. Please, continue to pray for our beautiful mother. We love you, mom. #McParlandStrong

Special Notes

Mom asking for no visitors at this time as we need to keep her immune system strong . If you wish to drop off a meal or flowers we ask you please wear a mask and you can leave them on the front porch. If you wish to help with meals we kindly ask that its nothing spicy or make with pineapple or any kinds of Citrus. Right now in the house there are 6 ~ two  grandchildren who live with mom one of which has Autism . Mom and dad and my sister Lisa as well as myself as I will be flying in and out as much as I can.  If you have any questions please reach out to me. I want to thank you all kindly on behalf of my family . Anyone who knows my mom knows how great of a women she is . 

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