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Meal train to feed the (3!) Pettis’s

Boise, ID


Everyone has been so kind to offer us newbies help when this lil girl decides to show up. If you are so inclined we would be delighted to accept a meal, and Scout would be over the moon to get away from her new sister for a walk. I love you all regardless of whether you bring us vittles or not, I can’t wait to share our newest family member with all of you!

Special Notes

I’m hoping my pregnancy induced food allergies will magically disappear with the appearance of lil miss, but if not I have had trouble getting along with wheat, tomatoes, and eggs. As much as I want to show our little one off to all of you, I’m not sure what our energy levels will be and how much sleep and breast feeding will be happening. I would love a text before you arrive in case I have the energy to visit for a few minutes. If you don’t get a reply we will have a cooler on our back patio to put food in.

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