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Team Julia

Durham, NC


This page is to support Julia Gartrell and Bec Conrad while Julia is receiving biweekly chemotherapy. Please sign up to bring or send meals, pick up and prepare CSA veggies, help with household chores, or contribute in other ways. For questions, please reach out to Emily (202.674.3446), Jessie (919.699.7363) or Lucia (415.309.6535). Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3

Special Notes

NEW OPTIONS AVAILABLE! MEAL DELIVERY: Mondays & Wednesdays from 4 and 6 pm Options: Take-out, homecooked, or cook+hang Drop-off instructions: Drop off food in the cooler on the front porch @ 209 Monmouth. Julia and Bec may or may not be around, but feel free to knock or text. COOK+HANG: Monday, Wednesday, or combined with CSA Pick-up Fridays Prepare a meal from the contents of Julia & Bec's fridge, plus your own additions. Enjoy the meal with them, and their winning company. Help clean up. Bonus points if you leave them leftovers too! **Confirm Cook+Hang details directly with Julia&Bec after sign-up. CSA PICK-UP & PREP: Fridays from 4-6pm Help Julia & Bec actually make use of the fresh veggies they signed up for! 1) Pick-up the veggies at Ninth Street Bakery, 136 E Chapel Hill St, between 4-6pm 2) Process the veggies in one of the three ways: - bag, wash, and generally prep them for easy eating, then drop off in cooler on porch - Cook+Hang at Monmouth that evening (or Saturday or Sunday) - Take them to your place, prep, and turn them into a meal(s) for Bec & Julia, then drop off (+remainder) Choose your own adventure! SUNDAY CHORES: It's the little things that are the hardest, y'all! Help Julia & Bec with random chores at 209 Monmouth, and hang out! Ex: cleaning fridge, food prep, laundry, gardening, fixing annoying broken things. ---------- FOOD PREFERENCES ~ Julia eats everything except chicken. Chemo has turned her into a carb maniac: anything potato based, salty, and cheesy will be a hit. ~ Bec is gluten free, pescatarian, doesn’t eat eggs as a main (i.e. quiche) but eggs incorporated into things is fine. Generally we like to eat lots of veggies and fruit, whole grains, beans, etc., but we are not known to turn down a good pizza, plate of fried things, or sweet treats. Always into subs, burritos, breakfast anytime. Tofu, fish, and beans are our main sources of protein generally. Julia is an occasional (1-2x week) meat eater. Prepared foods will be very helpful, with an eye on some balance to the diet :) TAKEOUT IDEAS (feel free to text Julia or Bec if you’re unsure) Thai Cafe J: Drunken noodles w tofu B: Pad thai with tofu, no egg Bahns J and B: Wednesday vegetarian special Cosmic Cantina: J: Veggie burrito B: Vegan platter, add sour cream, add side of chips Monuts: Bag of everything and sesame seed bagels, cream cheese Soul Cocina J&B: Pastel de Yuca, anything else Lemon and Lime J: Channa Masala, Dal Takda, Aloo Gobi Masala B: Malai Kofta Pie Pushers or Hutchen’s Garage pizza: J: Anything sans mushroom and chicken B: GF crust, vegetarian Jimmy johns J: veggie sub!!! Q shack or Picnic J: bbq plate + veggie sides B: vegetarian GF sides Earth 2 Us: J: Cauliflower Wings, loaded tostones, Plato principal B: Arepas (black bean), Pastel de Yucca Guanajuato J: Vegetarian sope, bean and cheese papusa B: 2x Vegetarian sope

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