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Support for Hannah

Eureka, CA


I had the privilege of meeting Pam and the girls for the first time in the early summer of 2021. I was Hannah and Hailey's swim instructor. The light and joy this family exudes was immediate from the moment I met them. The girls both took to the water immediately from then on out. They became my little mermaids. Pam and I realized we were long lost soul sisters with our deep passion for the sport of Triathlon and IronMan competition. We would text each other at 3 am to watch our favorite athletes compete. Pam is a phenomenal personal trainer who has dedicated her time to helping the community in their health and fitness as well as shine as an assistant coach for the CalPoly Triathlon team. Pam is an incredibly selfless woman with a heart of gold. With family and friends being on the East Coast, I had a somewhat unconventional baby shower when I was pregnant with our first child Avia. We had a virtual baby shower but Pam and the girls still went out of their way to bring over beautiful pastries, Winnie the Pooh decorations and matching mugs to help Nick and I feel extra loved, and we sure did. I had never experienced an earthquake in my entire life. Honestly I had never really thought about them, until it happened. On December 20, 2022, a 6.4 earthquake (with the 3rd strongest magnitude in the state of California history) rocked our small community in Humboldt County. My husband Nick was on duty unfortunately and I was home with Avia who was 3 1/2 months old at the time. We had no heat/power and it was a freezing cold night. But the Naylor family opened up their home to us and made us feel like family, as they always did. I have been incredibly blessed to get to know the Naylor family and I am so thankful for all they've done for my family and I, and I know how much they mean to so many others as well. Unfortunately, their eldest daughter Hannah was diagnosed with Retinablastoma. She had to undergo extensive surgery with appointments to come in the near future. This is to help the Naylor family so David and Pam can take the time to be with their three beautiful children during this extremely difficult time. We need help with getting a meal train going, if you can please provide a name, and a dish and what day you can bring it to help this amazing family We also appreciate your prayers in believing God for a miracle for sweet Hannah!

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