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Mira Conquers Cancer

Reno, NV


2021 - the year we got vaccinated, the year Mira's son Joseph will turn 2, and the year Mira was diagnosed with Stage 2b lymphoma. Our strong friend will begin this battle with cancer on Monday, October 4, kicking off 6 months of chemotherapy. She will receive treatment every two weeks, through March of 2022. During these six months, Mira will not be able to travel up the mountain to work, so that she can focus on conquering cancer! So let's support her in doing just that! Supporting Mira, Sammy, and Joseph during this time will take a village. Mira is lucky to have the best village around - a fierce network of people who have already lined up to support her in so many ways. Firstly, send her your positive thoughts and healing energy. Manifest health and wellness for our dear friend. Text her positive thoughts - and please don't expect a response! She can't be keeping up on correspondence AND battling this disease! But your thoughts and positive energy will be so welcomed. Seeing a text from friends saying "thinking of you and sending you love" will lift her spirits (whereas those "how are you" texts may be more difficult to respond to). We are also hoping to set the family up with food options. As Mira heals, and Sammy works and focuses on Joseph, we can do our part to ensure they are nourished and have the basics that they need. Please use the calendar and links to: 1. Sign up to bring a home cooked meal - something to pop in the microwave or oven to keep it easy! 2. Send cash via Venmo or Paypal or check, for family to pickup food & groceries Venmo : @Mira-Polochko or PayPal : [email protected] or home address: 1675 Sky Mountain Dr Apt. 738 Reno, NV, 89523 Visitation will be up to Mira, and will likely change based on the week. However, ALL VISITORS WILL NEED TO BE FULLY VACCINATED and also MASKED for the entire visit.

Special Notes

Mira doesn't have many dietary restrictions, other than can not eat Cilantro. She does prefer poultry over other animal proteins. Mira cannot have anything with strong scents (perfumes/lotions/etc.) Trader Joe's gift cards would also be great, though there isn't a link to purchase them directly through this site. Her mailing address is here so you could send them to her or coordinate delivery to her. 1675 Sky Mountain Dr. Apt 738 Reno, NV 89523 If you have any trouble with the page, please reach out to Pearl (Mira's Sister) at 510.325.7511 or Stephanie (Mira's Friend) at 805.450.3217.

Care Calendar