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Baby Bates! Let's feed the fam!

Jersey City, NJ


Let's support Lindsay, Tyler, and baby Bates by helping with meals & other support in their first weeks together. Gift cards work well, as does grocery support. They like leftovers in the house, and welcome more than a two serving meal, which they will freeze or refrigerate for an appreciated second meal/snack! If arranging a delivery to their home *PLEASE* text with Tyler in advance to ensure the delivery makes it into their home and hearts.

Special Notes

Hungryroot, ShopRite, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Seamless and Uber Eats/Postmates gift cards welcomed. FWIW Hungryroot is all the rage in the Bates household right now and Lindsay definitely wants to send you a promo code. Local restaurants for date-night gift cards or delivery orders include Cangiano’s, Tacoria on Erie (dillas and tacos), Brick Lane (tikka masala), Hamilton Pork (nachos). Here's a glimpse of their typical grocery list in case you choose to deliver a week of groceries: Eggs Sourdough bread Pita bread Frozen brown rice Tortillas Deli meat/cheese (provolone, turkey) String cheese Chobani non fat plain yogurt Small whole milk Strawberries Prunes Pickles or kimchi Blueberries Bananas Avocados Sweet potatoes Canned tuna Yogi Ginger tea Whole bean dark roast coffee Honey crisp apples Instant oatmeal (plain or maple sugar) Granola Honey nut Chex or similar cereal Overnight oats Frozen egg bites Rotisserie chicken Baby spinach Feta cheese Manchego cheese Tortillas Shredded Mexican cheese Cottage cheese Premade soups Whole milk Coconut water La Croix (pamplamoose) Almonds Apricots Luna bars or similar! Hummus Uncrustables Smoothie pouches (kids ones, veggies or fruit) Bone broth They have a sweet tooth too!! Anyone that has any postpartum/lactation recipe magic, they welcome it!! Soups/Stews/cozy yums.

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