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Meal Train To Help Support Amanda While They Welcome New Baby Smith ♥︎

Grass valley, CA


Hey lovely ladies and gents! Baby Smith should be arriving here REAL REAL soon, if not here already!! Due date was March 3rd! ❤︎︎ I created this page in hopes to get a meal train going or just incase any of us wanted to help out in any other ways! As most of us know it takes a village and new borns can really take it out of you! I was thinking premade meals, groceries, errands, instacart/DoorDash gift cards, babysitting brix or watching over baby smith even if for only an hour so our beautiful friend can take a nap, bath or even a shower! Amanda has asked that if we do a meal train it not be daily. She would prefer it be every other day drop offs and between the hours of 4:30-5:30pm! With that being said, let’s shoot for Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays! As for visiting with the newest little man and things like that, this page will not reflect that. Please contact Amanda personally for anything that’s not mentioned in this bio! I will text the link to as many numbers as I have. Please! Please! share with only close friends and family since James and Amanda’s personal address is attached!

Special Notes

There is no diet restrictions on home made food or groceries ❤︎︎

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