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Caroline Lucas

Watertown, MA


Dear Family & Friends, Shortly after our daughter Adeline was born, Caroline and I moved back home to MA to be where it all started for us: home. I started a new job outside the hospital setting and things were looking up. No nights/no weekends/no holidays, and the hours were so good that I got to be home every night to eat family dinners and help put Adeline to bed. As some of you know, but many still might not, we received exciting news when Caroline found out she was pregnant with a baby boy! We were on cloud nine! COVID couldn't touch us because our family was going to be complete. I wish adding an ultrasound picture with us smiling was the ending for this post, but unfortunately it is not. We were hit with a harsh reality when Caroline was diagnosed with melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. Surgery followed, with treatments scheduled to begin after the arrival of our baby boy (April 2021). This is where I turn to you, our loved and valued friends and family, for support. Many of you have asked "How can I help?" This "Give In Kind" page was set up to answer that question, as well as provide updates on how Caroline is progressing through her treatments. With a new baby, a toddler, and treatments - - it will not be easy for her. Therefore, a "food train" is being created and managed through the calendar on this site. The goal? To have healthy, homemade meals delivered so that we can focus on caring for Caroline, baby boy Lucas, and our beloved Adeline (but who are we kidding, Adeline will be the one taking care of us!). The goal is three meals-a-week, and we are looking for people to commit to a date that works best for you, and then coordinate that on this website so there is no overlap on days. For those that don't cook, there are take-out options listed here as well. Beyond that, we have received requests from friends who would like to donate as well. There are two options for donating: Amazon (click the "Wishlist" over to the right) and VENMO: @Carastrong I will use this website to share routine updates on Caroline's progress and to post photos of the baby. We appreciate the support of everyone as we work to achieve the "food train" goal. With your help, I know we can help make this journey for Caroline a little bit easier, knowing she is surrounded by love. Yours sincerely, John

Special Notes

If you are unsure of food to make or if you would rather order here is a list of their top choices: CITY STREETS - 411 Waverley Oaks Rd, Waltham - (781) 647-2489 Cara’s choices: Roasted Chicken walnut salad John’s choices: Crispy Chicken sandwich Adeline’s choices: Kids grilled cheese GREGS - 821 Mt Auburn St, Watertown - (617) 491-0122 Cara’s choices: Chicken Marsala w/ Penne or Turkey Club John’s choices: Bacon cheeseburger (medium) Adeline’s choices: Cheese ravioli DEMO’s - 64 Mt Auburn St, Watertown - (617) 924-9660 Cara’s choices: One skewer chicken kebab John’s choices: One skewer chicken kebab Adeline’s choices: Kids chicken finger dinner Side choices: Rice with sauce, Tzatziki JOHN BREWERS - 39 Main St, Waltham - (781) 894-9700 Cara’s choices: California Club John’s choices: Steak and cheese panini (no mushroom) Adeline’s choices: Kids hot dog and french fries Appetizer choices: Single order boneless honey buffalo wings FIORELLAS - 187 North St, Newton - (617) 969-9990 Cara’s choices: Chicken Marsala with Penne or Chicken Gnocchi FraDiavolo John’s choices: Chicken Parmigiana with Penne Adeline’s choices: Chicken broccoli alfredo with Penne D & D SUBS - 135 Mt Auburn St, Watertown - (617) 924-0999 Cara’s choices: Grilled chicken stir fry hot sub John’s choices: Steak and cheese Adeline’s choices: small pizza PIZZA ROMA - 212 Waverley Ave, Watertown - (617) 924-9595 Cara’s choices: Grilled chicken salad w/ Italian dressing John’s choices: Grilled chicken and broccoli sub Adeline’s choices: Small cheese pizza GERRY's KITCHEN - 1072 Belmont St, Watertown - (617) 484-0606 Cara’s choices: Garden salad with steak tips (Medium well) John’s choices: Side order of steak tips (Medium) Adeline’s choices: Chicken ziti broccoli Alfredo MARC AND TONI'S PIZZA - 121 Trapelo Rd, Belmont - (617) 484-5510 Large Cheese pizza HOMEMADE MEAL IDEAS: Soups (no beans please) Pizza Shredded chicken Lasagna Taco's pork tender loin steak fish - haddock, salmon sausages Chicken stir fry Chicken parmesan Meatloaf Sides - Salad broccoli Brussel sprouts Green beans Rice Pilaf

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