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Live, Love, Luna

Folsom, CA


Hello Loved Ones, I’m starting this meal train program to get me through the next several weeks! As a solo mama, I’ve been a pretty tough fighter throughout this pregnancy. The last stretch of this pregnancy has been quite the experience though! Friends and family have asked me on multiple occasions if I have a meal train program, and I’m like - wait what? So here I am giving it a shot! Luna is arriving soon, and she’s kicking down all the doors including her mama to make an entrance. Recovery will be rough, even with the help of loved ones and neighbors who have wholeheartedly offered to help. So I’m starting this meal train program to make it easier for those who’ve asked how they can help to help during our recovery. ❤️ I also want to take this time to thank everyone who have reached out and asked me how they can help. Women endure so much to create life and sacrifice so much to build our children up. However, the pain is very much worth it! Thank you to all my friends and family! Love, Shery & Luna

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