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Winema’s Home Coming

Portland, OR


Join and show support as the Baker-Miller Richardson family welcomes their daughter Winema Roma Richardson into our world and into their loving home. To help ease the load this space has been created to better communicate and organize the assistance that is needed. Think healthy prepared meals, dog walks, play dates with Mani, helping hands around the house or an errand run. You know. Like we do for our peeps.    Love and support is shown in many different ways, we would be nothing with out our community. Pam, Kent, Mani and Gus love you very much and thank you in advance. 

Special Notes

The family is looking forward to and is expecting guests. It is asked that all receiving guests be vaccinated for covid-19, Otherwise non-vaccinated friends and family can request an outdoor distanced visit. Kindly text message Kent to arrange visits.  For anyone wishing to donate funds, the family appreciates your generosity and can accept donations via PayPal.   

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