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Sending Love, Hugs, & a Meal to Erika and her Family

Bellevue, NE


Friends and family, Erika has breast cancer (stage 2A). It hasn’t spread and the course of action her and her doctors have decided on is a double mastectomy (to be followed by some brand new perky boobs after she heals!!). Her surgery date is Friday, January 19th. As we all know, Erika doesn’t like being the center of attention or asking for help, but I proposed this meal train to her anyway while she is in recovery and she reluctantly agreed. (I know she will appreciate it once the plan is in motion.😂) Many of us are spread out around the country, and I thought this would be the best way to send some love from near and afar.

Special Notes

Update- All of the dates have been claimed. Thank you very much for your generosity. Erika is very lucky to have such a wonderful support system!! Please keep up to date with your mammograms (or make sure your loved ones do!)

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