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It’s Baby Dey!

Ithaca, NY


An all inclusive page to support the Deys as they become new parents! There are options for home cooked meals if you live closeby, or sending gift cards if you don’t. There will also be options for helping sponsor Eliza care like walks, or helping to pay for someone to come walk her. New parenthood is all consuming and support from community is a wonderful thing for the first few months, even year! Any support is welcomed. Please do not plan to visit for long in the first couple weeks unless you are there to drop food off or help with chores. This gives time for baby to establish breastfeeding and bonding with mom and dad, and to adjust to new life as a family of 3 (plus Eliza!). Do offer to help with laundry, dishes, house cleaning and cooking if you are planning to visit ☺️ These will be coordinated with Nolan (607-423-9808). Nolan will be point person to text as Margaux will likely be focused on nursing around the clock at first. Erica Lee can also be a point person for questions about care from a distance.

Special Notes

Please provide Gluten free meals if cooking on your own, thank you! Sending high protein snacks for breastfeeding hunger and electrolyte mixes can be very useful too!

Care Calendar