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Love for Mama Emily, Papa Logan, & Baby Babu

gunnison, CO


Hello Dear Ones! As the date comes closer that we will meet our sweet Starseed on this Earth side plane, we have felt so thankful for all the friends and family far and near who have reached out to ask how they can support us. After some careful consideration of what we will need, we are setting up a meal train so our friends whose gifts rest in the physical nourishment graciously may support us, and a link to donate money to help cushion this early period. This will afford Papa Logan a paternity leave to get to know his little one intimately in this first month without the financial burden of supporting our family on his own and also go to support postpartum body work for Mama Emily as her body adjusts to a new normal after giving birth.

Special Notes

Dietary Restrictions:No almonds, Light Dairy and no spicy food.

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