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Baby Rosas

Waco, TX


As many of you know, our sweet boy has arrived into this world. We could not be happier and are in pure bliss during this time. We know our loved ones have reached out and asked how they can help, we thought this page would help so that you can know how we need help in the best kind of way! We cannot express the love and appreciation we have for each one of you. we cannot wait for our sweet boy to meet you. We will let everyone know when we start accepting visitors, but during the first weeks we want to take this special time to be in each others company and heal.

Special Notes

Joseph and I are pretty simple plain eaters! :) Here some things that we don't like: no onions, tomatoes, seafood, or spicy food [hot sauce and salsa of course] . SORRY BUT I WARNED YOU WE ARE SIMPLE.

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