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Supporting the Uchiyamas

Salt Lake City, UT


From Mai: "Life update. This is my current status (not permanent). I have brain cancer. I currently can’t walk independently, eat much, my eyes have a difficult time focusing so my world is constantly spinning (hence the eye patch lol), and definitely no driving. My spirits remain positive. I refuse to let anything take away my light. It’s challenging for me to type so Marco Polo has been a blessing. I start treatment soon and we hope that the tumor is cooperative and responsive"

Special Notes

Sign up for a day to provide dinner. On the day of, text Dustyn to arrange the time of delivery. Dinner for 2-3 adults. No dietary restrictions or allergies. Consider freezer friendly meals. If you want to contribute but are limited in time and/or cooking skills, you can donate a GrubHub gift card. Please use disposable containers if possible so Tupperware doesn't need to be returned. There are two walkable dogs in the Uchiyama pack (Emmett and Keiko). On weekends they need a trot. If you sign up for dog care, please take them on a walk/hike/run and help stretch their legs. Coordinate with Dustyn for drop off and pick up times.

Care Calendar