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About Karlyn and Theo's Love Train

As most of you now know, Tom ended his life on September 24th. As Karlyn and Theo try to move forward, we would like to help in whatever way they need. We have put together this 'love train' in an attempt to do so. WE WILL UPDATE THIS PAGE WEEKLY. Gift cards (Wishlist link to the right for munchery and amazon) are always helpful to make contributions as the food and visitation schedule may change periodically as their needs do, so thanks in advance for your flexibility and patience. Please note: If the blinds are up, feel free to say hi, visit, share dinner with them, etc. If the blinds are down, it might not be the best time. There is also a go fund me page if you prefer: Thank you ALL for your continued support during this most difficult time if you are suffering or know someone suffering, please reach out. you are not alone. The National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Special Notes: 

PLEASE NOTE FOR DINNER DELIVERY - FOOD RESTRICTIONS: No spicy, no sushi, no tomatoes and nothing that is not pasteurized please due to chemo. If blinds are down, just leave food on the porch. If up, feel free to say hi, visit, share dinner with them, etc. Company is encouraged. :) CHILDCARE: This will most likely be in the form of playdates with Karlyn and Theo unless she needs to work or rest. We will have to schedule these as they come up, so if you sign up for childcare, someone will be in touch with you to coordinate. HOMECARE: This will most likely just be a visit or checking in that week to see if any errands, rides to chemo, dog walks, etc. are needed. These also may just need to be coordinated on a week-by-week basis.