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Feeding the Gainey Family as They Adjust to Parenthood

Longs, SC


Hey everyone! First and foremost- thank you SO much for all the love, well wishes, and amazing gifts that you all sent to Lauren + Tyree for baby Hailey! I have set this page up for those that are willing to contribute towards a meal train for the Gainey family for about a week after they welcome sweet baby girl home. Adjusting to parenthood can be difficult and I want us to be able to take the stress of worrying about meals off of Lauren + Tyree so their sole focus can be on transitioning into their new roles with their new baby!

Special Notes

Adjusting to life with a new baby can be difficult and all consuming. For those that are local and wish to drop meals off at the door and were interested in visiting with the new parents and baby Hailey- we respectfully ask that you call and/or text before coming over to ensure that everyone is ready and willing to have guests. Additionally, please refrain from coming to visit if you have been baby Hailey will be more susceptible to those germs. Thank you, again! We appreciate you all.

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