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The Taylors

Choctaw , OK


WELCOME DECLAN!!!!!!!  This is a Meal Train/Diaper and Wipe Train. Let’s help mom and dad in these first few weeks of parenthood! Please sign up to bring a yummy meal for Heather and Orren and DONT FORGET to bring a pack of Diaper and wipes also!  Please drop off the Dinner/ D&W on the porch and maybe some prayers too!  Congrats Heather and Orren on your newest blessing❤️ 

Special Notes

Heather said that they are not picky at all! So just bring your favorite dish!  She said one handed foods come in handy (bet you can’t guess what’s in the other arm😊) Their address is 3271 Elizabeth st. Choctaw 73020 HAPPY COOKING!!!  

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