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Extra Support for the Garcia Family ❤️

Toledo, OH


“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” ~ Thomas Campbell On September 1st we tragically lost a dear friend, father, husband, brother, uncle & son, Roberto “Bob” Garcia. He touched many hearts with his time on this earth and now may he rest in heaven where he wished to be greeted with open arms by his own mother.❤️ His wonderful and loving family has been crushed by this immense loss and in hopes of bringing Melanie, Mikayla, Roberto & Reyes some comfort and hopefully extra care from those who truly love them during this incredibly difficult time I have curated this page of support. If you know the Garcia’s well, you know what an amazingly kind, caring and giving family they are to not only friends & family, but our community. And if you know them you know how challenging things can be on any given day. But you also know that Melanie Garcia is one of the most amazing mothers, wives, friends, etc. She is honestly the strongest, most kind hearted and caring person I know. It amazes me all that she and her family have been through and yet still stand tall and positive throughout it all. But with such a loss as this…Bob was her heart, her true love, part of her soul & I know that times will be tough. Not only for Melanie but for his loving children- Roberto, Mikayla and Reyes (as well as fur babies- Baker & Beckham). I ask that we show them support as they have shown for many of us during a time of need. Let’s give back and be hopeful and positive for them and their futures. A little love goes a long way & man I can tell you Bob was full of love! For everyone lol. He personally made me smile and laugh just about every single time I saw him. ☺️❤️ So many great memories of him. One of my favorites is when I would come to the house to work/train with Mikayla he would love to sit and watch (he was so proud of her for her accomplishments) but he loved to throw in his weekly joke “Hey Coach Mel, I’ll give ya $20 bucks if you break that arm/leg/whatever body part he could think of that week” 😂🤣…oh how he loved to tease! If you could take the time to share a good memory of you and Bob I know the family would greatly appreciate it. ❤️ Again thank you for all the love and support, I know the Garcia Family is so great full to have people like all of you!!!!

Special Notes

Hello all! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Coach Mel, Mikayla’s trainer/coach/friend 👋. Over the past so many years the Garcia’s have become not only my dear friends, but my chosen family! In order to not overwhelm the family and because I know so many people cared about & loved Bob and want to be here to support the Garcia’s during their time of need I have created this page. There is a meal train which I will post the link for as well. Although as so many have already given food, I thought it would be great to offer different ways to help and show your support. Another note- At this time the Garcia’s need time to heal. We ask that you give them the space needed to mend their truly broken hearts as a family. If you have questions or concerns about anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally. I will attempt to help/direct you in whatever way needed. Please email me directly at [email protected] - thank you again to everyone during this difficult time for the Garcia’s.

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