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On January 7, after continued illness and symptoms of dizziness, headaches, and blurred vision, Andrew and Danielle decided to seek medical care at the ER to find out if something unknown was going on. A CT scan would reveal some alarming news, and after a long 24hr wait, they were finally transferred to Tacoma General hospital where Andrew would have a series of MRI's and additional tests which would confirm the doctors suspected diagnosis -- Multiple Sclerosis. Andrew underwent 4 heavy doses of IV steroids to help with the active attack on his body, and he was released to go home on January 12. Andrew is still dealing with blurred vision and headaches, and will continue oral steroids at home for a little while longer. Please continue to hold up the Medina family as they are now starting down a long journey of finding the right specialists and treatment options. They are also needing to make some big decisions regarding his ability to work, and what lifestyle changes may be needed for their family.

Special Notes

Due to the nature of this disease and the treatment options they are looking at, Andrew is on special dietary restrictions at this time. The best way to support the Medina family right now is through gift cards for meals, groceries, and household supplies. If you would like to help, we have selected a list of gift card options to choose from.