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Backing the Beechams

Grand Haven, MI


On June 2, 2021 Sue Beecham was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her battle plan consists of 16 chemotherapy treatments and then a double mastectomy in December. She is strong, has an amazing attitude and will kick cancers rear end. Like too many of you know, however, this process is very disruptive for the whole family. Many people have asked how they can help, which has led to this meal calendar. Because of gluten free dietary restrictions it makes it a little tricky, but totally doable. See "Special Notes" below. Thank you so much for your support! Food can be dropped off on their front porch. A cooler will be available to put the meal in. Address is 544 Slayton Ave., Grand Haven, MI. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sarah Kallio at 616-403-4996.

Special Notes

Because of Celiac Disease and Gluten intolerance RECIPES MUST BE GLUTEN FREE AND AVOID CROSS CONTAMINATION. (Great options are gluten free pasta dishes, rice, potatoes, Mexican food with rice and corn/gluten free tortillas *pre-shredded cheese contains gluten*. If in doubt, this website has good information. GIFT CARDS to local restaurants are also very welcome. Some of their favorite are: • Domino's • Butch's • JW's • Applebees • Kirby • Anna's House