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Supporting Kimberly

Colorado Springs, CO


On March 10, Kimberly found her housemate deceased in his room from a likely drug overdose. Having recently been laid off, Kimberly has been understandably struggling emotionally with unemployment and job searching, and what she went through finding her housemate is horrifically traumatic. She had no idea he was a user of any sort and is grappling with feeling like she "should have somehow done more and saved him." As you can imagine, she is having a pretty tough time right now. She would like to work with a therapist to process this trauma and grief, but does not have insurance at this time. She was also ordered to have an environmental abatement company inspect the bedroom for cleaning which is going to be $725. Venmo donations will go to these two purposes. Last 4 of her phone number for Venmo verification is 4-6-4-1. Thank you for your consideration to help - let's show Kimberly that even when there are no words for this, we can still surround her with love!

Special Notes

She hasn't felt much like eating lately and does not want to risk homemade meals going to waste, which is why these help requests are more for groceries and gift cards than for specific meals. Her son and nephew also live with her, and I insisted that they all need to eat at some point! So, if you were to send a meal, they eat a lot of pizza, sandwiches, burgers, and pasta. She likes Subway, Jersey Mike's, Jimmy Johns, etc. Kimberly is allergic to mushrooms and doesn't eat pork or fish, but otherwise they are not picky and have no other dietary restrictions. Groceries that would be helpful for her and the boys are: Frozen pizzas (cheese or pepperoni), Lucky Charms and other cereal, 1% milk, pastas, red and white sauce (no mushrooms!), bread, jam, peanut butter, Dragon Fruit or Acai Berry Vitamin Waters, Sprite, Goldfish crackers, Chips, Cheese and Crackers, Tortillas/Shredded Cheese, and Chips + Salsa.

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