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Friends & Family Fight for Lindsey

Little Elm, TX


Hello Friends and Family! This is Lindsey. With strong encouragement from women who have been through cancer before, I’ve been told to set up a page to organize support, provide updates, and help my family along this journey. Here's the beginning of the story: The weekend of August 21st, I found a lump in my left boob while taking a shower. By Thursday, August 26th I was having a mammogram and quickly ushered to a sonogram, where the radiologist determined the mass was "suspect." The very next Tuesday (8/31), I had a biopsy of that lump and Dr. Jekot was so kind and direct, and told me that the results would most likely confirm cancer and provide information about my type. September 1, I found out I have Stage 3, Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer (ER 20%, PR -, HER2 -). I’m being told this is treatable; however, this journey will not be without high medical risks and likely complications as I have an extensive medical history being born extremely pre-term. I met my oncologist (Dr. Manish Gupta) on Thursday (9/9) and had my chemo port surgically implanted just under my right collarbone by Dr. Canavan on Tuesday (9/14). Yall, all that happened in LESS THAN A MONTH! First, we would like to request prayers & hopeful thoughts for my healing and our family overall well-being as the kids and my husband continue to wrap their heads around all of this. Now that we know a chemo schedule, meals would likely be helpful and we'll update a calendar here on this page. We're working to eat healthy, low sugar, low carb because cancer loves sugar. I’ve added Matthew’s PayPal link ([email protected]), and I have Zelle (attached to my cell phone number) as the bills have ALREADY added up to more than we have at this point. An Amazon wish list is also linked for items that may help my kiddos and our family. We try to write a comment in to why we might request a particular item. We appreciate your continued support through cancer journey. It’s going to be okay. Because it has to be. There is no other choice. Take care and check your boobs! Love, The Fields Family

Special Notes

2/23/22 Double Mastectomy was successful in removing a 6.5cm cancerous tumor!