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For the Love of Lisa!

Overland Park, KS


Show Lisa some love by providing her with meals, your time, or other gifts. The Care Calendar below shows available dates and ways you can help. If you're providing a meal, please pay attention to her dietary restrictions (no desserts, low sodium, no fried foods) and other requests in the Special Notes section below. There will be a cooler on Lisa's porch for meal drop-offs. Lisa may not always feel up to having company, so please don't plan on staying to talk with her or her family unless arrangements have been made in advance. Thank you! :)

Special Notes

o No desserts. Lisa can’t consume a lot of sugar so please no cookies, cakes etc. o Lisa needs to watch sodium so keep salt low if possible o Low saturated fats (no fried foods) o Lisa can have all kinds of meat, fruit, vegetables etc.

Care Calendar