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Support and Love for Tim, Jaime & Kids


Hi y'all! I just wanted to reach out to all of Jaime and Tim's friends, co workers and family and ask for help and support! As most of you know they are going through a difficult time right now and Tim has a very tough road in front of him. Cancer doesn't discriminate nor does it care that you have a family and children to provide for (cancer sucks)and cancer can be equally as tough and challenging for the loved ones that are caring for them. As they settle into their new "normal" i would like to be able to provide them with meals, cash, gift cards etc... anything that will take some of the stress off of this wonderful family! I've been friends with Jaime for over 25 years and i can tell you that she is always the first to help others and the last to ask for help!

Special Notes

To my knowledge they won't be coming home until next week so food cab start being dropped off then. Please text Jaime if you are leaving food outside so that she or one of the boys can bring it in. Another good idea would be paper towels, drinks ( cooler filled) Gatorade, bottle water etc... as they are coming and going. Any questions please contact me [email protected]

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