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Support for Polsinelli family



Darcy was diagnosed with breast cancer in September and has undergone 3 diagnostic and invasive surgeries since then. The next step in her fight against cancer is chemotherapy. She begins this phase in mid-February and will undergo treatments through May. As Darcy goes through chemotherapy, we are hoping to support the family. There are so many ways you could help! They are looking for food on chemo weekend, some dog walks, fun for Heather, and babysitting Darcy at times so Rob can have a break. Only sign up for what makes sense for you. And if all of this isn't a match, the family members would even be very happy with texts and phonecalls to check in.

Special Notes

We've made a few updates and removed some of the dinner sign ups based on the first round of chemo. You could now send a gift certificate instead of cooking if that suits you. For Heather fun, a simple get together is plenty. Please don't feel you need to do something huge or nothing at all. Simply getting out of the house is all we need! For Darcy care, choose your adventure. Saturday is pretty much hanging out at the house with Darcy. Sunday you'd probably want to bring something to entertain yourself as Darcy might be sleeping. Monday is the tougher day for Darcy, so you might find yourself helping her to get food or drinks in. Please select your dates and activities carefully. The system won't let you cancel a sign up once you've made it. If you do need to change your sign ups, please reach out to Maria directly. We are also looking for people we can call on for things that come up at the last minute. (There is a teenager in the house after all!) Please leave a message on this page or let Maria or Rob know if you're interested in being on the no-notice list. Food allergies: tree nuts and fish. Heather loves hanging out with people and doing so many things. Athena enjoys walks in the back neighborhood or a local trail, but she is very challenged with other dogs. (many of you know this)

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