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Help Keep the Gladows Upright

New Orleans, LA


Cait was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and will have a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction in late June. Dave and Cait have three kids, and could really use support with meals/basic groceries, occasional entertainment of the kids, and even reassuring their neurotic dog, Lucy, that everything will be okay by playing Green Stick with her in the backyard. Her recovery will take roughly 6 weeks, and she'll be unable to drive, carry items, or do basic household chores for most of that period. If you know Cait, this is very distressing, as she is fiercely independent.

Special Notes

Our friend, Heather Heaton, has graciously offered to help us manage this page during Cait's recovery. Contact her directly at [email protected]. Cait also has genetic hypertension, so 5-6 days of the week she tends to stick to a fairly low sodium, low sugar diet with lean proteins (chicken, pork, fish/shellfish, tofu) and very few processed carbs. (She makes exceptions for pita and pasta!) She and Dave love most foods, but she has a pathological hatred of mayo and beets. They love spicy food, and tend to be adventurous eaters. The kids love everything from beefy mac to pizza to chicken nuggets to pita and hummus. Olivia generally believes that vegetables are only to be tolerated after two hours of whining at the kitchen table, and Harper thinks onions are the worst (but ironically, loves gumbo). They're definitely New Orleans kids in their love of red beans, jambalaya, and chicken and sausage gumbo. For groceries, the list is pretty simple. Ideas include: skim milk, green grapes, whole wheat sandwich bread, sparkling water (like Bubly or AHA), sliced turkey, salad mixes/greens, Lunchables, etc.

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